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  • July 23, 2021

Another part of the “Memories and Memories” program on the subject of Armenian musicians in Iran will be present tonight. (july 7, 2020)

According to “Nay” this program has been produced and recorded in Arasbaran Cultural Center, and in this section, it goes to the Armenian music of Iran and reviews the life of the Armenian music artists and their enduring works. Alireza Amini is the expert presenter, and Andre Galstian is the guest of honor.



4 thoughts on “Armenian music` night in tehran

  1. It must be a very interesting program, thank you very much for the news.
    Andre Galestian is really good musician and has excellent knowledge about fine arts and music. He is a brilliant expert specially in the history of music and has many published researches in this regard.
    He is a very good pianist as well and plays the piano very professional.

    1. Merci beaucoup. meilleures salutations de l’édition anglaise de “ertebat emrooz” à mr. andre galestian

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